ova-Comet-ii-Midi-Lathe Reviews

Nova-Comet-ii-Midi-Lathe Reviews (Top Picks)

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe is a portable lathe that could be easily used by a woodturning and woodwork newbie and a professional as well. This best wood lathe used for wood benches in small workshops like those found in homes and garage were small scale operations such as making pens, door handles, tool handles.

This particular midi lathe has some features that make it an affordable substitute to large scale woodworking lathes especially when small work pieces are handled. It is one of the most versatile and multi-functional mini lathe in the market today. It is designed to consume minimal land space and is a perfect machine for both professionals and beginners alike.

Key Features of the Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

Electronic Variable Speed

One notable feature of lathes is their motor speed and speed range. An excellent midi machine is one that has a reasonable speed rate as well as a wide range of adjustable speed range. This midi lathe perfectly fits into all of these criteria. It is designed to run within the field, 250 to 4000 revolutions per minutes (RPM). It has a 3-step pulley system that allows various speed ranges (three-speed ranges, i.e., high, mid and low) that enables the user to adjust the speed to the precise work at hand quickly.

Flexible Switches

This midi lathe is designed with a functional forward and reverse switch which makes it a very flexible woodwork tool for high precision finishing.

Swing Capacity

This midi lathe has 12 inches swing capacity over its bed and has a distance of about 16.5 inches between centers. Swing Capacity adds to the flexibility of this machine coupled with the possibility of using an accessory bed to increase the foundation of the lathe for bigger jobs or project.

Cast Iron Bed Material

The bed of this midi lathe is made with cast iron to ensure that vibration is minimal and a suitable output achieved. However, this did not compromise its light weight and carried from place to place.

Adaptable to New Technologies and Accessories

This midi lathe allows for the insertion of other accessories such as the bed extension, stand and reversible chuck which makes it more versatile and customizable to fit the desired work intention of the user.

 Specification Table for Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

ParameterNova Comet II Midi Lathe
Distance between Centers16.5 inches (could be extended when bed extension is used to 42 inches)
Motor Horsepower (HP)0.75 HP
Motor Voltage120V
Speed range250-4000 RPM
Tail Stock2 MT


Are there New Improvements to this Lathe?

Yes! The 2019 model of this precise wood lathe machine has additional improvement features such as a Reinforced composite guard that have improved strength to rapidly access the latch

Better On/Off switches which are fitted with a no-vault release for improved safety purposes

A 3-pulley step system that gives it and increased torque which is necessary for easy handling of demanding and enervating big projects

Where could one purchase a good Nova Comet II Midi Lathe?

It is significant that you intend to buy a small and portable midi lathe that will fit into your small shop and do your little commercial and personal woodturning work. However, it is essential to note that there are other midi lathes in the market but this particular one is great and you’ve gotten most of the information you need here.

To purchase this midi lathe, you must ensure that it fits into your budget seamlessly, and it will give you maximum satisfaction. After this, walk into any local woodwork store in your neighborhood or get to online stores like Amazon and purchase your lathe. Remember, prices differ from store to store. Therefore, take a proper market survey before making a purchase.

To Sum Up,

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe comes with an exceptional wood turning experience for anyone who desires a new challenge in their wood turning career. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of external accessories that would transform it from a moveable Benchtop lathe to a full woodworking station for large projects. It increased torque, power and largely extendable bed makes it a unique multi-functional machine lathe for any kind of project and for any level of work experience that it is handled with and that handles it respectively.

Every potential owner of this machine lathe is purchasing a superb versatile machine that would save them time, money, consistency and space. The experience is best practiced than told.

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