Woodtek Lathe For Woodworking 2019 [New Edition]

Have you knowledge about WOODTEK Lathe? If you are woodworker, you must need to know the Woodworking Lathe. The Lathe is one types of woodworking machine which is a significant tool in a good workshop. We know lathe is very an excellent machine to shape or angle the metal quickly and easily. But, most of the woodworkers like to pick this Lathe to complete their heavy-duty in the workshop.

Here, we recommend this machine and present it with all features so you can pick it after considering the great quality with the good budget.

Let’s read on the article to find the best aspect of this Lathe.

Quick description for the Woodtek Lathe:

Generally, the Lathe was designed with a great aspect. Many woodworkers would like to keep it into their workshop as it is safe to do any heavy job.  This machine especially comes with excellent standard equipment. It is a cabinet style lathe with various speeds and it was designed for bowl plus spindle turning.

You can pick this lathe with special accessories such as tool rest, bowl turning rest, outboard tool rest, faceplate, hand wheel, cup center, safety shield, instruction manual and so much more. These accessories are the greatest equipment of the lathe and you can discover it with the WOODTEK Lathe at a time. It is a very great point for your workshop.

It also comes with lathe bed which is produced by a superior casting material and it can ensure a reliable grade of casting materials.  It just provides a smoother and friction-free surface on the bed ways. Tool rest is a great aspect and it needs to minimize the hollow from turning tools. Look at the below and read other aspects of this Lathe.

Product features:

  • A flexible design system with heavy cast iron construction.
  • Three- speed ranges like 0-6000, 0-2000, 0-1200 ranges.
  • 3 hp drive system with dynamic braking.
  • check
    15 Amp and 230 V PWM DC drive motor.
  • check
    Heavy spindle shaft with 2-1/2 inches diameter
  • check
    Dynamic load capacity with 14,000 pounds.
  • check
    Surface hardened tool rest plus flex-free outboard tool rest.
  • check
    It brings a digital tachometer to control variable speed
  • check
    It includes a self-ejecting tailstock.
  • check
    It is made in Taiwan.

More specification:

  • Motor range: 3HP with PMDC motor, 1 Ph, and 230 V
  • Variable Speed range: 0-600, 0-1200, and 0-2000 RPM
  • Inboard swing: 20 inches
  • check
    Outboard swing: 36 inches
  • check
    Distance between inboard centers: 38 inches
  • check
    Distance between outboard centers: 61 inches
  • check
    Spindle threads: 1-1/2 inches
  • check
    Spindle height: 45 inches
  • check
    Bed gap: 2-1/2 inches.
  • check
    Tool bed diameter: 1- ¼ inches.
  • check
    Bearing: Double-row
  • check
    Net-weight: 1500lbs

Including accessories:

  • Four faceplates: 8inches, 6 inches with two 3 inches stainless steel.
  • Five-tool rests: 16 inches and two 12 inches
  • Spur drives: ¾ inches.
  • check
    Extra clamping block
  • check
    Remote switch

Final Verdict

However, after considering the awesome aspects of the WOODTEK Lathe, you must find out the great idea on it. You will get an overall idea from the following special specification plus standard features. We hope this article will be useful to you which assist you in picking for your workshop.

If you decided to keep it as your workshop woodworking machine, you need not purchase extra accessories. This Lathe will come to all significant things and tools which you must need to operate it smoothly.

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