The Lathe Review simply started with a targeted goal, which is helping the people, who wants to
enter in this beautiful woodworking profession.

Here I provide all the best lathes reviews and their buying guideline which is totally unprejudiced.


This is James

I have been involved in woodworking work for the last 8 years and still now i work for this Industry. love woodworking and getting experience in those particular companies.

James J. Williams expert

I got lots of information about woodworking, lathes and its tools related since I was a little kid, who helping and assisting my grandfather woodworking workshop in New York City.

It is our family business, in fact, I learn lots of techniques and tips about lathes and its tools, Moreover, two of my elder brothers also got huge knowledge in this industry. Now they are the owner of the self workshops which is very popular to all over the world especially for USA.

As my Experience, It is very difficult for a woodworker who is starting to work in this industries but i am always ready to share my experience with them. However, lots of blogs and web pages i have written with real reviews by me which I think might be useful for a beginner.

Explain-More about me.

Q. What’s your favorite Lathe?

A. Grizzly wood lathe is my favorite. Sometimes I go with a different brand like Rickon 70-105Shop Fox w1758 at the time of writing is my favorite.

Q. How old are you?

A. Now that doesn’t matter does it? At the time of writing, I’m 72 years old.

Q. Are you a qualified woodworker?

A. Simple answers – Yes. Long answer – I am in this profession since 2008-2019(running.)I love sharing information, writing article and blog about woodworking especially various types of lathes for the help of others.

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Thanking You,

James J. Williams