Best Woodworking Square Find an Affordable Square 2021

Do you know everything about woodworking square? I believe you need to know a lot of factors about a woodworking tool. If you would like to be a pro woodworker and need the best woodworking square, read out the following review. You will be surprised to learn that the most expensive one is not the best one.

Though it is true, it is quite a challenging process to compare 2 products. I intend to make your purchase much more accessible by providing a few guidelines. However, let’s roll together.

Our Top 3 Product Quick Review

[su_box title=”Irwin Woodworking Square” box_color=”#5fec15″ title_color=”#000000″]

High brand quality
Confirms accuracy
Scale length is 8


[su_box title=”Woodpeckers Woodworking Square” box_color=”#5fec15″ title_color=”#000000″]

Unique design
Promised accuracy
Quickly scribe


[su_box title=”Kaufhof Woodworking Square” box_color=”#5fec15″ title_color=”#000000″]

Fantastic quality
affordable price


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1. Irwin Woodworking Square

Are you eagerly waiting to know about our top product? Yes, I am pleased to tell you that our top listed product is Irwin woodworking square. And stainless-steel is used to make this product that confirms a rust-proof blade. So, you worry less about keeping it clean every time.

Now, the next question is, what benefit will you get with this woodworking square? The inches marking is highlighted sharply that you can get an accurate measure of any wooden surface.

Even an old eye can read the number easily. Also, the inches marking started from both ends of the scale. Thus, whatever way you need, start measuring.

What degree angle would you like to measure with this combination square? Using this, you can measure 10° – 60° and maximum till 90° angles. Such a complete package, right?

OH! I forgot to let you know about its handle. The handle is highly durable as the handle is made of ABS material.

IRWIN Tools Tri and Mitre Square

  • Easy to read and mark
  • Scale length is 8”
  • High brand quality
  • Confirms accuracy
  • Handy size
  • The blue-colored marking will become invisible over time

2. Johnson Woodworking Square

So, how can you say a woodworking square is good enough? A right combination square can be durable, provides impressive performance, and a fantastic outlook. Johnson woodworking square has all this characteristic to become one of the best woodworking squares. Only looking at this product, you can’t understand how much lightweight it is.

Its handle is made of Aluminum that makes it easy, comfortable, and handy to use. The stainless steel blade performs well against rust and corrode. It will never let you complain about its quality.

To confirm accurate measurement, it has 2 different increments. Thus your measurement will never become wrong on a wooden surface. The black color numbering gives this scale an elegant look.

The shape of this scale is impressive that you can measure the angle accurately. The angle between the blade and the handle is perfect 90°.

Johnson Level & Tool 1908-0800 Aluminum Try Square

  • Ideal square-shaped and weigh only 0.16 ounces
  • Robust and rigid
  • Durable that confirms long time service
  • High-quality product
  • Impressive customer service
  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • Not hard enough for sturdy work

3. Starrett Woodworking Square

Starrett is a name that you can choose their woodworking tool keeping your eyes off. It happens because of its brand quality. Their model will meet all your expectations, and it is simple enough to provide you an accurate measurement. However, comparing to other combination squares, its blade is long enough 14 inches. One of the most extended scale in our list. A simple model but a nice one for any woodworking task.

Material quality is also excellent. The blade is made of stainless steel, and aluminum is used to make the handle. The marking is showing every after 8 inches that every woodworker can read and look ideally.

The sharp edges of this scale confirm excellent marking. At first look, you may find this scale significantly simple, but when you start using it, you can’t resist yourself to say, “WOW! Great performance.”

Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square

  • Correct alignment
  • Long sized 14” blade
  • Tremendous accuracy
  • Good enough for sturdy work
  • Relatively expensive
  • Disorganized manufacturing

4. Woodpeckers Woodworking Square

Are you looking for a piece of premium woodworking tools? Shake your hands with Woodpeckers and give them a thank you for introducing Woodpeckers precision woodworking tools 1281R.

Which measurement version are you comfortable enough, Imperial or metric? Whatever is your choice, this combination square comes with both versions to give you more ease while measuring a wooden surface.

Both the blade and base are made of single Aluminum block, and thus it has become a sturdy and lightweight tool. Due to this feature, it has become one of the best woodworking squares in the market. It will give you a new level of confidence, and you will pat on your back every day after completing the work. It is manufactured in such a way so that you can hang it off in a wall for secure handling and clear visibility.

This scale is highly suitable for those who are quick enough to do mental math. Because It features different rulers in front and back both sides, all you need to do is simply measure anything from inside or outside — no need to think about re-positioning it.

The square of the woodpecker 1281R scale is accurate and consistent enough over any kind of dimension that needs accuracy and squareness. Overall, this woodworking square is worth the price.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools 1281R

  • Unique design
  • Promised accuracy
  • Quickly scribe lines to handle
  • Finger slot in the blade that makes it more user-friendly
  • It comes with a beautifully designed mounted wooden case
  • Highly expensive

5. Kaufhof Woodworking Square

The item from Kaufhof has come with a set of different sized squares. Kaufhof never comprises on the quality and durability since they started manufacturing woodworking square.

Sometimes, the necessity of different sizes of squares come, and generally, awoodworker does not carry several sizes squares. This combination square will help you when you need to measure different sizes in a one go. The heavy plate is used to make the handle of this square that confirms a sturdy and robust quality.

Even while measuring, the blade will not blend because of its steel-based body. You will not face any problem to get a straight and comparable measurement. There is no doubt about its durability, and Kaufhof offers 4 different-sized woodworking squares in a single box. Even the box is made of wood and coated using oil. These multiple squares you can use to measure table saw, miter saw, router table, etc.

Kaufhof ASS-5535 Precision Steel Squares Set 4 Piece

  • A set of squares in an affordable price
  • Well-lubricated to eliminate rust and corrode
  • Fantastic quality
  • Badly packaged

6. Tarvol Woodworking Square

Do you want a piece of cheap woodworking square but a quality one? Tarvol 12” carpenters square will be the best pick out of all woodworking square. The stainless steel construction makes this square a heavy-duty and easy operation. The 12” blades feature a powered coated finish. This costing also preventing the tool from rust and corrode.

Adding this tool, you can give a perfect shape to your toolbox. This tool is used by carpenters, drywallers, architects, roofers, DIYers, and more.

This tool comes with an inserted hole into its handle to store it easily in the wall when it is not in use. If youreceive a faulty product, the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee. Even, they will not ask any single question.

12″ Carpenters Square 12 Inch / 30 CM Framing Square

  • Free from rust and corrosion due to its powder-coated on the blade
  • Well visible glossy numbers
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and floppy blade

7. Irwin 12-inch Woodworking Square

I have listed another Irwin woodworking square in this article earlier. This Irwin 12-inch scale is one step ahead from the previous one in terms of size. The manufacturer treated this stainless steel blade with heat to make it more robust and reliable. This feature makes this square one of the sturdiest squares on our list.

The marking is tremendous, and you can use this scale on both sides — imperial version in one side and metric version on another side. People who are looking for this type of combination, it is suitable for them.

You can slide and adjust the handle based on your requirements. Thus you will be able to measure the distance more accurately. This feature will help you to save your valuable time as well as will make your work more efficient than before.

Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal-Body, 12″

  • Enormous scale for a reasonable cost
  • Visible markings
  • Long-lasting
  • Quality concerns from several customers

8. Igaging Woodworking Square

Do you want a set of 2 woodworking squares for the cost of one? Most people will find this deal a great way to purchase a high-quality square. The measurement of the scales is 4-inches and 6-inches. Stainless steel is used to make both scales, and together they are only 1 pound, really lightweight, isn’t it?

Igaging has introduced this sturdily manufactured product at a reasonable price that you can’t imagine. All you need to do is, clean the sharp edges after every use and get the most benefit of this square. The stainless steel makes this scale strong enough.

A robust case is available with this square so that you can store it properly without doing any harm. Also, if you are traveling from one job site to another, the case is a great way to keep it safe.

This tool is highly efficient to measure any distance, and it weighs nearly 1/64th per inch.

iGaging 4″ & 6″ Double Square Set 4R Steel Blade High Precision

  • Manufactured keeping in mind of US standard accuracy
  • Available with a storage case
  • Free from rust and corrode
  • Sometimes, you need to work out a little bit to fit the parts together

9. Swanson Woodworking Square

Are you a plumber and surfing to the web for a piece of an ideal square to make your work easy? Without hesitation, purchase this Swanson Tool TS151 Try and Miter Square 8-inch.

Wave your hands to corrosion or rust because the blade is made of stainless steel. The graduation is marked on the blade nearly 1/8th per inch. Due to this feature, Swanson woodworking square becomes an excellent tool for professionals and regular users.

The handle is made of plastic that confirms last longer service and easy to use too. The guide of the handle is 45°, which will let you measure the layouts professionally.

Swanson Tool TS151 Try and Miter Square 8-Inch

  • Hassle-free operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Significantly solid
  • Flat and square inner angle

10. Moore & Wright Woodworking Square

You can’t resist yourself loving this tool because of its cute small size. If you want additional precision while working with wood or metal, purchase this product. You can carry this tool everywhere.

The total size of the blade is only 3 inches tall. The handle is accurately 2-inches of length. The tool comes with a stainless steel body, and the blade is hardened by heat. This tool can handle the heavy working load for a long time.

You can’t complain about its shape, design, and measurement because Moore & Wright always give priority to product quality. Complete backline up, and each outside dimension is accurately aligned with each inside dimension.

This tool will be a perfect choice if you are searching for a precise woodworking square.

75mm/3 inch Engineers Square – Moore and Wright

  • Portable
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Fantastic quality
  • Poorly packaged, smells formaldehyde

Considerations Before Buying a Woodworking Square

So, I believe the above review helped you learning about different woodworking squares. But do you know what essential factors you need to keep in mind while selecting the best woodworking square? No worries, let me help you to make a decision. Simply follow the below guideline.


Price always plays the leading role at any purchase. But the best thing is while purchasing a woodwork square, breaking your bank is unnecessary. Woodworking square is an affordable tool that you can purchase from your daily cost.

However, you will find a ton of squares on the store’s shelves. They are highly versatile, and the price range is different too. To purchase excellent quality woodwork, you may need to expense a bit more than usual. Because, in terms of quality, the woodworking square is a bit expensive.

Roam around the stores, surf the web, create a final list, and from there, make your decision to purchase the best one.


The blade of combination square is made of several materials. Some are made of stainless steel; some use zinc. Both of the materials are highly durable. Also, other materials are used to make the square handle.

From the vast range of tools, you need to find out the perfect combination of the blade and handle. Now, the question is, what should be the ideal combination? You should look for a square that is durable, handy enough, comfortable fitting, doesn’t get rust and corrode, and lightweight as well. The manufacturer pays their attention in durability first instead of looking at cost. So, you should give priority to durable material.


For the woodworking square, many accessories are available. Out of these wide ranges, protractors are one of them. You can rule at the angles using these protractors efficiently.

Moreover, center finders are another add on. Using this, you can find out the cross lines of a layout. Also, they are efficient enough to locate the edges of any wooden surface.

You should keep a note that a woodworking tool will always be costly if you want different accessories with it. But you will never regret purchasing an expensive woodworking tool. Your woodworking tool will become more versatile if you own various accessories in your hand.


It would be best if you didn’t lose focus from this point, though people don’t take care of it. What will you do if the etching is weak, and you can’t read the number at all? Without precise etching, a woodworking square is useless. Generally, a laser-etched and black color printed numbers are easy to identify. Look for a profoundly and visible etched combination square.


Question: How will I know that my woodworking square is ideal in size?

Answer: Firstly, learn about the category of your work. Woodworking blades are different in sizes. In the store, you will find 3-inches to 14-inches blade sized square. Sometimes, even more sized square is also available. So, it is essential to know your work category first and then decide about the blade size.

Question: I would like to check the accuracy of my tool, how can I do that?

Answer: Before buying a woodworking tool, checking the accuracy is crucial. Let me tell you about the best method of checking the accuracy. Use the blade and the handle to draw 2 straight lines. You have to draw lines on both sides of the square. Now, intently look at the straight lines. If they are parallel, your tool confirms its accuracy. If not, you should turn your face away form the tool.

Question: May I know the ideal price of a woodworking square?

Answer: There is no precise answer to this question. You should make a budget for your purchase and don’t cross it. Check out the options of the other products that are offering the same feature. You will find some manufacturers who are providing expensive square because of their brand value.

Wrap Up

The reviews and buying guide everything is done. The ball is in your court now, and you have to decide which woodworking tool is the most suitable one for your work. I believe this article puts a smile on your face. The decision is all yours, and I value your judgment.

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