Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe Reviews & Best Pick

There are many brands of a wood lathe, and one of the most popular brands is the Powermatic wood lathes for woodworking which are produced by Powermatic. This company is addressed as “The Gold Standard Since 1921,” is a reputable company that focused on pursuing the general purpose woodworking machinery industry and market. The wood lathes that are manufactured by this company are notorious for their yellow color and brand caption.

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Models of Powermatic wood lathes

There are about three models of the Powermatic wood lathes that are used for woodworking. These are:

Powermatic 2020B Wood Lathe

This Powermatic wood lathe appears to be the smallest in size. It is a high wood lathe for carrying out small operations with work pieces that do not require too much space or bed length. It features both high and low-speed ranges that are varied electronically and a digital display of the revolution per minute obtained within each speed range. In addition to these, it features a spindle lock, a sliding headstock which has a built-in spindle indexing on it.

​This Powermatic lathe is tailored after a bigger one (the 3520C Powermatic lathe). Therefore its tailstock is redesigned with an interior storage feature and a two mounting position which makes it possible to use with an extended bed accessory for more versatility. Other features of this Powermatic lathe machine include a metal shelf for tool storage, a sliding hammer, and trimmed hand wheels.

Powermatic 3520C Wood Lathe

This Powermatic wood lathe is an advanced version of the 2020B model. It has all the features of the 2020B model such as the spindle lock, sliding headstock, RPM digital readout display, and a better electronically controlled speed which has low and high-speed features. However, it is more substantial and more prominent in size when compared to the 2020B model.

Moreover, better it with added features such as a set of dead centers which allows for spindle visual comparison, a sliding hammer which has a brass tip, a movable control box for optimal versatility, a digital indexing readout, and an Anti-rotation tailstock key which is essential for smoother operations.

 Powermatic 4224B Wood Lathe

This Powermatic lathe is the latest wood lathe that is manufactured by Powermatic Inc. It weighs over 900 pounds and features specifications that are jaw-dropping to ensure that your experience is seamless, maximal and optimal. It is more expensive, more significant more substantial and more sophisticated than every other model they've ever produced. It is your Powermatic lathe for woodworking in 2024.

Powermatic Wood Lathe Models Specifications Chart

Distance Between Centers20”36”42”
Headstock MovementFull Bed LengthFull Bed LengthFull Bed Length
Spindle TaperMT-2MT-2MT-2
Quill TaperMT-2MT-2MT-2
Spindle Speeds (RPM)Low 50-1200High 125-3200Low 15-1200High 400-3200Low 40-970Mid 80-2000High 135-3500
Motor Power223
Motor Phase223
Motor Voltage (V)230230230
Number of Indexing Position484898
Motor Current (Amps)


Where Could Someone Purchase a Powermatic Wood Lathe for Woodworking?

You could purchase any of these models from local woodwork machine dealers out there. However, online stores remain your best bet for a great purchase. Online stores provide you with detailed descriptions of these Powermatic lathes. Check out either of Amazon or Powermatic. However, it is determined by your operation size, your purchasing power and the availability of the machine.


Powermatic wood lathe machines are durable and represent everything a woodworker would desire to have in his workshop. They are durable and have a reliable motor that could work for long hours. In addition to this, they have a powerful torque that gives them an extra advantage of taking on bigger off-home shop works.

Most especially, the most recent model (4224B) is immersed in high definition innovation that would trigger your mind to bring out the most complex and great pieces in your workshop. These machines will continue to be improved and each of them is everything efficiency, productivity and reliability.

 However, they are heavy to carry and could sometimes be difficult to stop when it is being used.