Harbor Freight Wood Lathe Review & Top Pick 2024

The home mini-lathe we take a look at below is usually one of the best lathe machines for someone who desires a long lasting and well-designed machine which can fit in a small location. This lathe offers toolmakers, and the DIY machinist a way to cheaply create small precision parts, fittings,threaded parts, and dies.

Starting into the world of wood turning will require a dependable begin-up timber lathe that is correctly designed for tricky small-scale projects. Shop Fox W1704 1/three-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe is an extremely good choice for me due to its compact and sturdy production and a variable spindle speed that permits me a ramification of small tasks undertaking on either tender or tough species of woods.

Professionals might also still be capable of use the best benchtop metal lathe for jobs to be able to require small elaborate info. This is extremely good for turning, reducing and shaping pens, bowls, and other embellishes. Its capabilities a 5 ¾-inch faceplate which is normally used for objects that cannot be aided by way of a tailstock.

A miniature wood lathe is a machine that turns a cylindrical fabric, touching a slicing machine to it, which then cuts the material. The material to be reduce is firmly fixed to the chuck of a lathe.

The lathe can be switched on and then the chuck is rotated. The lathe will contact a byte's tip into the cloth and make a mechanical part. What to don't forget earlier than shopping for the great harbor freight lathe review?

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Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe

  • Ideal for turning pens and different small-scale projects
  • Durable and solid shape
  • Versatile functions
  • Variable spindle pace
  • Limited for turning small responsibilities handiest
  • It does not consist of a hand wheel

Why we pick this model?

A  number of experts in this sector who prefer its attractive features. Other very important reason is that it has variable spindle pace and turning bowls. So, this one is the best option according to our experts review. Thereby, we picked this one.

Buyer's Guide For Harbor Freight Lathe

Do you want to purchase a Harbor freight Lathe? But you don’t know the procedure which one is best pick for your work, at  the same time the features of the lathe is essential while buying a harbor freight lathe. In this way if you don’t have enough knowledge about it, the changes of picking wrong products will end up your buying process.

So, closely remember one thing that doesn’t happen while buying your best lathe from market. It is your excellent bet for small spindle works and projects. And like some other lathes, it has those following blessings: So, before buying a harbor freight lathe you must consider the important points that I written here.

It is efficient to apply

As examine to doing it manually or using any other machine, not anything beats the talent of the use of a lathe. It can carry out a selection of duties and might tackle any sort of materials as well, generating best results. And you may possibly make something- small or massive initiatives with it from pens, bowls, and candle holders, to fixtures details and-ornaments.

It provides consistency and accuracy

You can depend on the fact that by the usage of lathes, you can attain the consistency of work and at the equal time precision of each cuts, shapes, and detail. Its variable speed and different functions can be adjusted to a selection that your paintings require for nice results.

It is safe to apply

Using this form of system is safe and consumer-pleasant. Most are with ease made to be smooth to apply and operate that you don’t want to have a grasp’s degree in wooden turning to recognize about its protection measures and usage.

Tips For Newbies When Buying Harbor Freight Lathe

You should check out the harbor freight lathe reviewif you’re a newbie to shop at harbor freight. Harbor freight lathe users can share their experience and help you know about the harbor freight lathes.

Before buying a lathe there are a lot of facts you should consider. So, here are some tips to buy harbor freight lathes for newbies.

Things You Should Do:

  • For beginners, it’s a must to know every single part of the lathe with details
  • You should also take care of your project type. Lathe model and design vary with its functions
  • If you need a lathe for turning and longer use, it would be better to go for a first-class variable reversing lathe
  • Lathes with variable speed are preferable to their users. So, make sure the lathe you’re choosing from harbor freight has variable speed. Want to know more about user experience with speed? Check out the harbor freight lathe
  • If it's your first time with the lathe, you should start with a high-quality mini lathe
  • If you have no issue your budget, there’ll be a lot of options available for you. Go for a high-quality, rigid, and heavier lathe
  • If you want to cut your cost, you can go for a used lathe. For that, you have to consult with experienced someone
  • Check out all the specifications of the whole lathe in details
  • Make sure the lathe bed is made of cast iron. If so, it will be highly rigid and stable

Things You Should Avoid:

  • If you’re going for a used lathe, don’t choose too much older one. Older isn’t much better. They might have poor bearing and accessories
  • Don’t confirm purchase without testing the machine yourself
  • Never forget to ask about the warranty and replacement policy
  • Don’t select a lathe which has 33 3/8 inches long swing with a diameter of 12-inch as its main drivers
  • Never forget to go through the harbor freight lathe before choosing a harbor freight lathe
  • Don’t pick a costly lathe if you’re just trying to get started with a lathe



What size timber inventory can it keep? How about something like 12” long by means of 8″ extensive piece of   wooden?


The length it will hold will be based upon what chucks you've got in the head and tail inventory. The bulkier the chucks, the   shorter the duration it's going to take care of. I'd say it will preserve 12″ lengths unless your chucks are considerable.


 Is there any way to comfy to a bench?


 Yes. It has three holes inside the base that you may bolt it down with. I bolted mine down on a wood stand. It holds it down   real strong. Mine is the Shop Fox W1704 additionally. It is properly built.


 Is there an adapter for the face plate for mounting stay center chucks?


 It has 2 Arbors. A mt2 and a mt1. The mt1 fits the Shop Fox W1704 Lathe. The Jaws can be modified round so it'll take a bigger   piece of inventory.


As you project into harbor freight lathe review, it's miles crucial to discover a wooden lathe this is reliable to use and on the identical time exquisite for small-scale duties and projects that you'll be making. It needs to additionally be flexible to carry out different jobs and a selection of materials.

Overall, SHOP FOX W1704 1/3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe is a high-quality choice as it has a variable spindle velocity that permits you to alter its putting relying on what the activity requires for smooth and correct results.

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