Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe 2024 | Reviews & Guideline

Metalwork involves many processes, and metal turning is one of them. A most metal lathe is used for woodturning while others used for turning metals although some are used for both purposes. However, in this post, we want to introduce you to a metal lathe brand that is used for turning metals. With this brand, you be can rest assured that your little metal fittings and finishing will be well addressed with high precision output. Here is everything need to know about this unique metal lathe.

This best metal lathe is used primarily to spin metals to carry out excellent work on metal pieces. It is one of the most popular metal lathe brands and spins these metals in two directions at speed as high as 2000rpm. This metal lathe has excellent features, and it is well known to be wear resistant and long lasting. They are outlined below to help you see the greatness of this metal lathe brand.

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Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe

Special Features

  • Power: 120V
  • Distance between Centers: 12 inches
  • Speed: 100-2500 rpm
  • Weight: 81.6 pounds
  • Size: 7 x 12 inches
  • Tail Stock Taper: MT 3
  • Three-jaw chuck

These features make Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe a reliable metal lathe for your most metal work. It has a capacity tool measuring about 5/16 inches which allows up to four cutting tools to be mounted at once on the lathe for work operations.

WEN 3455 Variable Speed

  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Accurate
  • Turn metal in any direction
  • Turn large metal pieces up to 84 cubic inches
  • Versatile
  • None

Buying Guideline For ​Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe Brands

This post is designed to guide you show you why Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe is the best metal lathe brand for your metal work. It has superb features that spin your metal in any direction of choice for a more precise job. I guess you are already thinking of buying this metal lathe brand for your metal works. However, before you run to the market, let us give you some guides you will need in making your choice for the best metal lathe. Here are some of the factors you must take into consideration when selecting a good metal lathe.


The weight of a metal lathe is essential because the metal lathe is used for high precision work that could be affected by vibration. Therefore, the due to the orientation and hardness of metal pieces, you need a metal lathe that will balance well on your bench and at the same time have a good pull of gravity to reduce vibration. Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe fits into this specification. It weighs about 81.6 pounds which makes it more cumbersome for small metal work operations.


When buying a metal lathe, one thing you would always consider is the speed of the metal lathe motor, and this is related to the horsepower of the machine. Moderate machines have about one strength while expensive ones may have about three. Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe has both speeded and speed adjustment levels. With this metal lathe, you could choose different speed levels for different types of work.


Are there other metal lathe brands apart from Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe?

Yes! Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe is not the only metal lathe in the lathe market. Many metal lathe brands will give you beautiful metal work, but this particular metal lathe brand is top notch in the market.

How much does Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe cost and where can I purchase one?

There are different offline and online woodwork stores where you could purchase a metal lathe for your metal work and the cost will vary from store to store. Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe is not an expensive metal lathe, and you could purchase one if you create a purchasing plan today. We will suggest you are buying it from Amazon including the shipping cost. Click to buy!

How many speed levels could Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe be adjusted to?

About six levels within the ranges 100 to 2500 rpm.

Final Views of Metal Lathe Brands

Despite the numerous best metal lathe brands out there, we’ve done extensive research on the options out there, and based on product quality and efficiency; Wen Benchtop Metal Lathe is the type of lathe you need in your metal workshop.

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