Best Benchtop Metal Lathe Review In 2024 (Top Picks)

For version makers, DIY Machinist, mini lathes could end up the real benefit. With the help of such mini lathe machines, they can flip cylindrical substances in conjunction with cutting and stuff. The slicing is likewise firmly fixed to the lathe for precision slicing. Then after switching the lathe, chuck is turned around, and that’s the way it works!

Vast varieties of such the best benchtop metal lathe machines are to be had for several duties and reduce based totally on your metal cutting requirements. You received want a professional lathe machine for that; a small lathe machine could be able to do numerous tasks.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Benchtop Metal Lathe?

Metal turning is a very critical section of steel works this is becoming commonplace among industrial steel, college students and hobbyists alike.  Getting started out on this field and get extra specific consequences, calls for an awesome great and robust metal lathe.

A Sturdy Base

For you to reap satisfactory turned metals, a strong basis is very critical which calls for a sturdy base. The mattress of a lathe is the main horizontal beam mendacity throughout the lathe base, usually made from cast iron fabric. The base of a mini metal lathe wishes must be heavy to limit the vibration resulting from the spinning impact of the wooden on the motor. Even in its slightest vibration isn't always suitable as it makes metal turning tough and hazardous on the same time. Ideally, the extra heavy the lathe base, the simpler it becomes to show the metal work piece.

The Lathe Measurement

When buying a mini lathe, there are two potential measures to don't forget, depending for the intended paintings or challenge. The first one is the most duration among the two ends of the lathe and the second one is the swing. The maximum period of the workpiece you could switch on a mini lathe and swing is decided by the space among the 2 centers.  The swing however determines the very best diameter of a workpiece you may activate the benchtop metal lathe.      

Motor Specifications

Another vital thing to recall is the motor. Typically, maximum lathes capabilities motors ranging among 1/eight horsepower to three horsepower. Normally, a small mini lathe requires as a minimum 1/three horsepower. Speed variations may be done via fitting the motor with 3 or four step pulley structures. This grants a speed variety of 400rpm to 2000 rpm.  The larger the motor established on your mini lathe, the bigger the workpiece it's miles able to turning. Today many lathes include variable velocity manipulate and may a give a velocity range of four hundred RPM to 3000 RPM or even extra.

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RIKON Power Tools 70-105

This machine was designed mainly on the request of pen turners who desired a sturdy, dedicated machine for his or her craft. This scaled-down, simple mini lathe is constructed of solid iron so vibration isn't always a thing, unlike other lathes made of aluminum.

Rikon Power Tools 70-105 Mini Lathe may be treated by means of a single person. This unit gives you a number of features that are set to make your pen turning craft works of art. Read on to discover what details this mini lathe brings on your workshop.

RIKON Power Tools 70-105 10

  • Heavy-obligation forged iron bed
  • Machines bed with matching additives
  • Relatively light-weight and transportable
  • Five-velocity ranges
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Replacement belts are hard to locate


 What safety rules have to I observe whilst using a mini lathe?

 When working with any power device, always wear your shielding equipment and protect your eyes. Also, do no longer put on earrings when   running with this tool.

 What need to you bear in mind earlier than shopping for a mini lathe?

 There are numerous issues you must consider before purchasing the best metal lathe such as rate, horsepower, velocity, and   capacity. You ought to additionally get yourself up to speed with the specific types of lathes so that you know the distinction among them all   and with a purpose to be the best for the tasks you plan to do.

 How long lasting is a mini steel lathe?

 Built for lengthy-time period use, you can anticipate your mini steel lathe to be pretty long lasting. Even when strolling at excessive velocity,   mini lathes are able to preserve their performance.

Using Tips for Best Benchtop Metal Lathe

Have you got the best benchtop metal lathe? Surely, you're having a great time with it, right? If you're thinking to give it a shot, here are some tips on using the benchtop metal lathe properly.

Best Using Tips For Benchtop Metal Lathe

  1. For the first time, you should go for a very simple task to use your best benchtop metal lathe.
  2. Selecting the correct cutting tool according to the project is kind of the most vit​​​​al task
  3. For the best use, it's a must to gather thorough knowledge of your lathe. You have to learn about each and every part of it.
  4. ​​​​Don’t forget the manual. If you’re a pro user of benchtop metal lathe, you may skip it. But, you should never skip it if you’re trying to start learning.
  5. No need to rush. Have patience and slowly go step by step.
  6. As a beginner, you should start with a small work-piece, both in length and diameter.
  7. Don't forget to check if the workpiece is perfectly tightened and correctly held to the right place. This won't let it fly off the lathe.
  8. Make sure the tool rest is parallel to the workpiece length and the distance is neither so far nor too close.
  9. Start the lathe on with the minimum speed. Then, gradually keep increasing its speed as required.
  10. Before turning on the lathe, try hand turning the workpiece.
  11. Try to cut small chips, may be less than ¼ of an inch.
  12. Keep pushing the tool gradually into the stock, in passes, to cut away the angular corner portions of the workpiece.
  13. When you’re still new with benchtop metal lathe, frequently stop the lathe to keep checking the progress.
  14. You can even keep checking the measurement.
  15. Make sure you turn the lathe off when you’re done.

Safety Tips While Using the Best Benchtop Metal Lathe

  • Wear a proper dress, neither too loose nor too tight. Avoid any accessories like tie, belt, or jewelry. Avoid full sleeve dress.
  • Never forget to wear a safety mask and eye protection while working.
  • Always remove chuck keys before and after starting the lathe.
  • Before making any adjustment, never forget to stop the lathe.
  • Never use your hand to remove chips.


The experts and professionals for woodworking have concluded that Rikon 70-a hundred is currently the fine mini-lathe on the market. It is good for smaller workshops if they weren’t to use their space for financial use. Also, all the brilliant features make it a totally compelling purchase. Even if you discuss about itcome first, it is an complete bargain because the Rikon 70-one hundred 12-inch comes with a manufacturer’s 2-year constrained warranty.