How to use a faceplate on a wood lathe?

How to use a faceplate on a wood lathe?

An artist who makes wood pieces in a lathe machine must have a basic idea about Lathe faceplate; also have to know the various scope of use. To clear the idea and use of faceplate for beginner to professionals, we have constructed this dish, especially for you.

As we pact to share the notion and practice of faceplate belonging to lathe: at first you need to know about faceplate then comes the usage of the faceplate. Let's go then:

Faceplate in lathe machine

A piece of round metal platter attached as the last of lathe spindle which holds the wood piece strongly through the screw. It helps the wood piece spin equally to operate the shape of wood machine smoothly.

Use of Lathe faceplate On A Wood Lathe

Faceplate plays a very important role in a lathe machine since the ultimate goal of using a wood lathe is to create stunning artwork, therefore faceplate needs to have quality according to that. The usage of faceplate depends on the product you are creating because there are several sized faceplates are there in the market. For instance, if you want to create a big size wood bowl.Then you ought to use a large size faceplate.

So it's clear that the faceplate size depends on the artwork you want to create. Ok, an important message for you:At the time of choosing faceplate, try to be a concern on thread cause proper threading matters a lot to make your wood piece work shining.Another usage is to glue the waste block with faceplate. Which means, through faceplate one can glue some waste block with the piece of wood to take the art into the next level.

In that event, we have produced a basic idea of the faceplate and the various usage of the faceplate. Now, we will share some more ideas to sharp your usage experience. This idea will also help you to understand further scope and application of faceplate. You can assume that as tips:

Tips for Lathe faceplate user

As we earlier said that faceplate size matters, the first tip is: don't apply bantam sized faceplate. Maybe a question hit your mind: how to know the faceplate size? Or which faceplate size is perfect for my wood piece? The answer is simple: remember 1/3 theory. Your faceplate should be the 1/3 of wood.Never ever block the headstock rather clasp the bowl blank with faceplate and twist the headlock spindle. So that your headlock will save and wood piece properly fit with faceplate.Locate the headlock properly with lathe spindle, if the headlock is not located properly then your wood piece will lose balance during the time of operation.

Choose the ideal screw format for your faceplate, from that point of view, we can say that, choosing angle shaped screw is wise, also avoid the drywall screw.Before attaching faceplate on the wood piece, remove the husk from wood, it will help to firm faceplate with wood.Keep the lathe machine direction forward, because the reverse option can spoil your workpiece.If you can follow the above tips before starting your work with faceplate, certainly you can assure a comfortable environment for your lathe machine. In consequence, you will feel cozy during the work.

At this stage of our writing, have started to consider that you are loving the comfort zone that has made according to our tip, right? That's great!

Meanwhile, some amazing kinds of stuff we have revealed during this writing, one of the stuff is: you can create a bowl with faceplate and lathe. How? This could be the next level faceplate using the technique you have ever seen and we will call it as extended user experience.  Do you wanna hear about that? Ok, then start it without any delay.

Extended User Experience

If you want to create an artistic bowl you will need a proper faceplate which is one-third of the bowl blank and a very sharp blade. Then attach bowl bank with the faceplate strongly.

Now set the faceplate with spindle properly and then turn the machine on, structure the outside of that bowl with your blade according to your desire. After that use glue to fix a waste block with the wood piece again shape that according to your desire.

Now you have created the outside structure of a bowl, next stage you will create the inside round part of that bowl. So place the outside part with another faceplate, since the size has reshaped, you have to take another faceplate just as the shape of that wood piece.

Finally, you have made inside part of the bowl. After doing that, its time to adorn the bowl and place it to your lunch table. And that's how you can create a bowl by using faceplate and lathe.

How was the simple extended experience guideline? Not bad, we guess. As we mentioned earlier about some kinds of stuff, you have read one among them, then where are the other kinds of stuff? Those pieces of stuff are actually some questions. And here they are:


Is there any difference between faceplate and chuck?

Yes, the faceplate is the ascendant of chuck, basically, chuck is an updated version of the faceplate.

Does faceplate quality matters?

Definitely, it matters, because a quality faceplate can help you to create quality wood workpiece.

How many ways a faceplate can be attached to a lathe machine?

A faceplate can be attached with a lathe machine in two different ways they are precision cone and the thread.

Final Verdict

We have started to cook the dish for sharing effective ideas regarding the field of usage and idea of lathe machine faceplate. Also believed that, a proper guideline can help the beginner to know the basic of using faceplate and for professionals, it will help to cover up their loopholes.

It will be a great pleasure for us if this article helps you to understand the use of faceplate usage in such a way, which will contribute to making a great piece of Artistic work indeed.

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