Best Metal Lathe For Home Shop (Grab Your Own)

Every metal lathe is used to perform the same task of turning materials (whether metal and wood) to achieve high precision tasks such as cutting, forming, carving, sanding and knurling. However, for your home shop, you need a compact metal lathe that is compact, easy to handle and capable of carrying out small home handiwork such as pipe drilling, fluting, grooving, and other meager wood or metal work.

Many metal lathes possess these features and could be used in your home shop conveniently. However, as you set out to purchase one, you will want to derive maximum value for your money. Therefore, we wish to guide you to make the best choice and buy the best metal lathe for home shop. After much research and personal review return, the product you will be introduced to have ranked best and is the best metal lathe for a home shop like yours.

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This lathe as the name implies has two significant characteristics that constitute what a home shop should have for wood and metal spinning. It is both a compact mini and suitable for your home workshop bench. BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe is the best lathe for your home shops such as local garages and school technical school laboratory. It can be easily carried about and requires little working space like the wood workbench for operation. If you are looking for something seamless, easy to handle and less space consuming, BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe is your best bet in the pursuit of the best lathe for the home shop.

Special Features

  • Power: 550W, 120V/60Hz
  • Distance between Centers: 400mm
  • Speed: 50-2250 rpm
  • Face Plate: 75mm
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Size: 7 x 12 inches
  • Tail Stock Taper: MT 2

This metal lathe has unique features that make it idle for domestic home shop work such as modeling and parts processing. It is durable, wear-resistant, precise, accurate and reliable for any mini work you want to get done in good time and with high precision quickly.


  • Durable
  • Professional
  • Accurate
  • Wear resistant
  • Have telescopic scales for on-the-job measurements
  • Versatile
  • Not easy to clean
  • Not used for large workpieces
  • Consumes much power

Our Buying Guideline For Best Metal Lathe For Home Shop

Making the best choice for the best lathe for home shop may be tasking. However, we have researched for you and with this information; you could well appreciate BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe as the lathe for your home shop and swiftly purchase one. Certain factors influence your choice when considering buying a spinning tool for your workshop.


BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe also not only affordable; it is durable and easy to maintain. So, is guaranteed for a long life span, a sustainable steel architecture, availability of repair and replacements parts and low maintenance cost in the long run.


BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe is designed with a speed motor that has both a low adjustment and a high adjustment. For this reason, it is an automatic multi-functional lathe that is ideal for your home shop. With this speed, you are guaranteed of efficiency and good work turnaround time.


The weight of a metal lathe is essential because the metal lathe is used for high precision work that could be affected by vibration. Therefore, the best machine for a home shop like your school specialized laboratory or backyard garage is one that could give you exceptional, accurate and professional end product like your delicate flute, is one that is weighty enough to provide minimal vibration during the work procedure. This metal lathe weighs about 128lbs which makes it the best lathe for a home shop like yours.


How much BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe cost and where can I purchase one?

There are different offline and online woodwork stores where you could purchase the lathe that suit your home shop. Since you’ve made your choice in BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe, the cost will not be a deterrent talk less of a buying spot. Although the price will vary significantly from store to store, the cost of purchasing from Amazon represent the real valuation of the manufacturers. While your purchasing power remains, click here to buy!

Is BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe the only metal lathe for home shops?

No! It is just one of them and the best amongst them. Others are also available out there but if you need a home shop lathe that could serve perfectly, BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe is the lathe for the home shop, and a trial will convince you of this.


Your home shop deserves a customized lathe for those accurate and excellent turning jobs. You will not settle for anything less than the best. We’ve carried out extensive research on the entire available lathe that is commonly associated with home shops, and we discovered that BestEquip Mini Bench Lathe ranked top and remains the top-ranked lathe for a home shop.

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