Top Tips For Clean Your Small Metal Lathe

It’s not a big deal to get the small metal lathe. We keep asking for buying information. But, most of us do some silly mistake while using a metal lathe. These mistakes can turn into dangerous accidents. So, here are some of the good tips on the metal lathe.

Tips on the Small Metal lathe Tools:

  • Use the clamp holder for reducing the machine-strain.
  • Reduce the load on the headstock bearings and support the work-piece using the tailstock center.
  • Loosen the drive belt first to adjust the plain headstock bearings.
  • Before starting your lathe check the oil level of the reservoir oil supply, every single time.
  • Keep lubricating the headstock bearing continuously.
  • Before turning on the lathe make sure it’s electrically earthed.
  • Don't let the broken material drop down onto the change-wheels. To make it stop you can place a cork into the open end of the headstock spindle.

Tips for Cleaning Metal Lathe:

Before start cleaning, make sure there's no metal between the spindle and the tailstock.Blow the metallic chippings logged in the machine using the compressor air pump.Sweep off any chippings from the bed using a brush.


Use a rag dipped into kerosene and rub the parts and clean it.


Lubricate all the joining parts.After finishing re-assemble the lathe and check if it works perfectly.

To Sum Up,

Implement this vital tips for making your lathe better performance. When you clean your metal lathe regularly you will get excellent output from your particular lathe. In addition, you need to follow strictly all this importance tips.