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Best Wood Lathe For Bowl Turning (Reviews & Top Pick)

Woodworking is an integral practice in technical work processes, and wood-turning is one of the famous and familiar works that is done in woodwork processes. Amongst other wood-working tools, the lathe is one of the tools that is employed for carrying out this kind of work.

It is a power tool that is used to rotate a piece of wood around a common axis for high-precision carvings of different wood pieces into your desired product, which could be table legs, pistol and mortar tube racks, candlesticks, bowls and many more.

Without a wood lathe machine, getting beautiful woodwork will be difficult but without a bowl turning wood lathe for woodworking, making the bowl is almost impossible. Every carpenter or woodworker knows that without the wood lathe, his woodworking workshop is incomplete because the production of beautiful and attractive woodwork items depends mostly on the woodturning lathe than any other tool.

Therefore, whether you are starting your woodwork career or you are a hobbyist wooden bowl maker, you may either want to make a new purchase or upgrade your wood lathe to the latest one that will give you beautiful and well-finished bowls.

All lathes could turn your wood for your desired purpose, but all machines cannot handle all sizes of woods. Therefore, to plan items like a bowl, you need a larger lathe and precise lathe.

However, it is not all lathes that are used for turning the bowl that are efficient for a professional like you. You need a great wood lathe for turning bowl. This post is going to reveal which wood lathe is best for turning bowl. Based on intensive research and review, we’ll guide you through with all the relevant information you need to own a wood lathe for turning your wood pieces into great bowls.

Buying Guideline for Best Wood Lathe for Turning Bowl

This post is designed to guide you in making an excellent choice for your desired bowl. When buying a metal lathe for your container turning, you should consider the following:


The weight of a metal lathe is essential because the metal lathe is used for high-precision work that could be affected by vibration. Therefore, a metal lathe that would give you maximum efficiency should be one that would allow drill into the wood to the exact depth and width that you desire to see your container possess. Go plus Power Wood-Turning Lathe weighs about 50 lbs, and this weight suffices to give you the bowl of your dream.


Go plus Power Wood-Turning Lathe designed with an adjustable speed motor that makes it versatile to be used by different woodworkers who may have diverse professional expertise. The horsepower of this steel lathe is about 0.5 which makes it the best wood lathe for turning bowls you could love to use.


In order to turn wood bowls, you need a powerful motor with great torque, rather than high rotation speed. A 220-volt outlet may be necessary for larger lathes with more powerful motors.

Standard lathes feature smaller work areas and smaller motors, whereas full-sized machines have larger and more powerful ones. It is possible to customize professional wood lathe models with more powerful motors and extra features.


The main reasons why Go plus Power Wood-Turning Lathe is the best lathe for your woodwork like bowl turning. Its adjustable speed, coupled with the size of its working area, makes it highly versatile for turning containers of different sizes irrespective of the wood hardness and the time required to finish the work.


You’ll find a variety of goods here, all of which come from reputable manufacturers with high-performance capabilities.

Variable speed choices are common on wood lathes used to turn bowls, allowing you to tailor the machine to your specific needs.

The following lathes and a buying guide should help you make a better purchase decision and select the best bowl turning option.

How do you choose which bowl lathe is right for you?

  • The project you intend to carry out
  • The space that you have
  • The consistency of use
  • Your purchasing power


How to Hollow Out the Bowl?

In order to create a hollow bowl, place a tool rest horizontally over the blank’s face and gently turn the lathe on. Two hands on a bowl gouge, gradually make light incisions to hollow the center of a dish. Take your time and make incremental cuts out of the middle to create a bowl whose inner form matches its exterior form until you’ve achieved the necessary thickness of wood between the two halves.

What Comes With the Lathe?

The majority of lathes come with a selection of accessories that you may use right out of the box. Spindle insert removal and gripping tools are usually included. In many cases, when you buy a lathe, it comes with a live center and a faceplate for the headstock, as well. With the purchase of a new lathe, standard tool rests are also supplied. Lathes can be outfitted with additional attachments, such as chucks.

If you plan to add future accessories, such as four-jaw chucks and additional faceplates, make sure the headstock spindle thread and morse taper sizes are correct.

What to Consider With a Bowl Turning Lathe?

Size and power are the most important considerations when purchasing a bowl turning lathe for your enterprise. The experience of trying to turn a bowl on a lathe that is too small or underpowered will be frustrating.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Motors in the 1.5–2hp range are common on full-size bowl turning lathes. If you have the space and money, we recommend that you stick with a 2hp motor and, if possible, a 3hp motor.

Which Components You Should Look for in Wood Lathe for Turning Bowls?

Wood lathes for turning bowls feature a number of crucial components that you should keep in mind while making your decision.

Bed: The lathe comes with a number of parts that rest on this surface, which is called the bed. As you can see, the bed is a rectangular frame on which the carriage rides. It has a unique role in determining the swing of the tool. Because of this, it is important to choose a lathe that has the best bed.

The tailstock is at the end of the bed where the wood piece is held in place. It may be slid or adjusted to handle a wide range of materials. Observe the tailstock of the lathe before you purchase it.

The tool rest is a piece of wood lathe equipment that may be moved along the bed of the machine. To form the workpiece, you’ll need to use the tools stored inside. Of course, the size of the tool rest is entirely up to your personal taste and requirements.

Attached to the lathe spindle is the Chuck. Keeping your workpiece in position while it spins is its principal role. It has three or more jaws, depending on the sort of equipment you’re using.

Spindle: The spindle allows you to manipulate the workpiece by rotating it. By way of the lathe’s motor, the long shaft that turns it is linked to the machine. The spindle is linked to the chuck, which also serves to retain the wood stock.

One of the most critical components of the lathe is the speed gauge. You have complete control over the spindle’s rotational speed. It also makes it simple to determine the lathe’s speed.

What Other Woodworking Projects Can I Undertake With a Lathe?

Bowl turning isn’t the only thing a lathe can do! As a matter of fact, these tools are ideal for a wide variety of tasks.

With a lathe, you can produce objects such as:

  • Bangles\Bowls
  • Plates, spoons, forks, bowls, cutting boards


Bowl turning is a traditional craft in woodwork practice, and many manufacturers have designed variants of metal lathes for bowl turning. However, the steel lathe that was described above is the best wood lathe you could afford for turning bowl.

Bowl turning has remained a profitable craft for many woodworking shops or workers, and their craft is often made better by the best wood lathes for bowl turning. The few lathes machine that have been described above are the best options for you in 2022. Irrespective of the project you desire to see done, your purchasing power, and other factors, as mentioned in the text, any of these lathe machines would bring all your bowl making ideas into reality.