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A small mistake in measurement can lead to wrong cutting of wood and therefore a great loss in woodworking. So you must choose the best tape measureif you are going to measure woods. A good choice of tool can save you from loss, ease your task and give you comfort while working. We are going to help you with the review of the top 5 woodworking tape measures of the present market. This article also contains complete buyers guide for those who don't have any idea about tape measures, how they work and also how to choose the be​st tape measure for woodworkers.

Top 3 Product-Summary

General Tools, LTM1, 50 Foot Laser Tape Measure
Quick laser measurements
One-button operation
Clear LCD laser screen

Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure 25 ft x 1.83 Inch
Blueprint scale to calculate drawings
360-degree hook-attachment
Calculate drawings

Komelon PG85 8m by 25mm Metric Gripper Tape, Black
Measurement in metric scale
Has compact case & ergonomic
Blade size 8m-Feet by 25mm

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Top 5 Tape Measures for Woodworkers


The versatile Laser Tape Measure is a combination of a 16ft tape measure with a 50ft laser measurer. It has a one-button operation that gives simple & quick laser measurements of long-distance. You can take Measurement up to 50-feet using the laser measure and the tape measure can give twice as far as a standard measure of 25-feet. The tape measure gives precise and accurate Measurement up to 50-feet to within ¼ inch. The compact size of the tape measure makes it fit easily in your hand and you can hang this portable measure on a belt also. This is a CLASS II laser product with power output <1mW.

The Laser Tape Measure has a 2-in-1 feature with two accurate measurement tools in one product. It is a perfect measuring tool for one-person & one-hand operations. This will help you to measure both short-span & long-distance precision from this measuring tool very quickly and easily.

This is a button-activated laser measure with a large and clear LCD screen to provide a quick reading. The laser capability of the product is 50ft and it includes 2 AAA powered batteries that Makes the measuring 10 times faster. The Tape measure with 16ft capacity has a 3/4 inch blade and 5-feet standout that is easy to read.

General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

  • 2-in-1 Tape Measure- Combination of laser measure with a tape measure.
  • Enables faster and further measurements.
  • Simple one-button operation.
  • Precise and accurate Measurement
  • Clear LCD laser screen
  • The tiny display may not be liked by everyone.
  • Laser performance is not as high as tape.

2. Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure 25 ft x 1.83 Inch

Milwaukee magnetic tape measure is a heavy-duty product with the protection of Nylon blade and a reinforced frame with 5-point. Almost 10x longer blade life is offered as it increases protection when dropped and resists by contamination wear. This magnetic tape has New-To-World dual magnets that increase its producing capacity on the working field. The duel magnets attach securely to EMT sticks from its below & the steel studs in the front side. There is also an innovative feature of this tape measure is its finger stop, that will protect the finger of its users in case the blade retracts. The product has Nylon-bond blade protection also to ensure your safety. Dual magnets of the product will prohibit roll off while the measurement steel studs, EMT & the threaded rod.

The Blueprint scale feature will help to calculate ¼-inch & 1/8-inch drawings. The wire coming from the belt clip will reduce the tearing of your pocket. The 2-Sided printing of Milwaukee magnetic tape measure improves the readability of measurement. The tape measure is up to 9-feet standout. There is a 360-degree hook-attachment for your convenience.

Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure

  • 5-Point reinforced frame
  • The Finger stop feature for finger-safety when blade retraction
  • Blueprint scale to calculate drawings
  • 360-degree hook-attachment
  • The magnetic and auto-retracting wide blade
  • The tape may get twisted or wrapped after a few months use

3. Komelon PG85 8m by 25mm Metric Gripper Tape, Black

Komelon PG85 Metric Gripper Tape comes with blade size 8m-Feet by 25mm. The steel blade is acrylic coated. The tape measure provides an easy grip with the thick jacket of rubber. The design of Komelon  Gripper Tape has compact case & ergonomic also. It gives measurements in metric scale. There is Triple-riveted hook at the end of the gripper tape.

Komelon Metric Gripper Tape

  • Comfortable grip with thick rubber jacket
  • Ergonomic & compact case designing
  • Gives measurement in metric scale
  • End hook is triple riveted
  • ​Size of the tape measure is much big

4. Stanley, 33-425, Tape Measure, 1 In x 25 ft, Chrome, In/Ft

Stanley Tape Measure with Blade Length 25-feet & Blade Width 1-inch. The Blade Material is Steel with closed case type and 1/16 inches graduations with graduation Type in. /ft. The case material is Chrome or ABS Plastic of high impact. The tape measure has a belt clip with yellow Blade Color & Chrome case colour. The tape measure has 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud marking feature with Mylar(R) Polyester blade coating. With Hook 3 Rivet the tape measure is resistant to corrosion by the use of True-Zero(TM). The product has Slide-Forward lock type and automatic rewind type with 7 feet standout and Stud markings.

The Stanley Powerlock Tape with 25-Feet by 1-Inch measuring capacity is a classic product for many reasons. It is designed for professional use and holiday warriors also. This high-quality product provides high usability in different types of measurements. The product includes a range of useful items. The high-portability of this tape measure will meet your needs. Smart features of the product have a lockable blade that gives accurate measurements with very low slippage. For easy access, there is a belt hook and for easy reading, it has a 1-inch wide blade with stud centre markings of 16-inch and 19.2-inch.

This tape is unique with two uncommon features. First one is that the Mylar coated blade that helps it stand up to friction related to repeated use. Secondly, for drawing arcs & circles the Tru-Zero patented hook doubles as a pivot. The hook adjusts automatically to control inner & outer measurements. It indicates that the hook of the tape on its end has a little play that is equal to the hook blades thickness. This is for your convenience to measure using this hook inside a stoppage (e.g. a window jam). In this case, the front-end is considered as the zero points of the hook. This zero-point will turn into the back part of the hook if you hang it over any edge of aboard.

Stanley Measuring Tape

  • Great Quality
  • Easy to read
  • Good for heavy-duty works
  • Long-lasting
  • The packaging is not so good
  • Some didn’t like the new hook design

5. ​TEKTON 71953 25-Foot by 1-Inch Tape Measure

TEKTON 71953 Tape Measure includes ABS housing. This housing has rubber grips that are non-slip & impact-resistant. The thumb switch with sliding feature locks the position of the tape. There is a single-touch pause-button to hold the position of the tape for instant markings or rechecks. The 4-rivet sliding hook at the end gives proper inner and outer measurements. at every 1/8 inch and 1/32 inch the tape has Fractional readout & for first foot, 1/16-inch it has graduations. There are throughout graduations & red Stud marks in every 16 inches of the tape. All these markings with different colours are easy to visualize quickly. TEKTON 25-Foot by 1-Inch Tape Measure removes errors in reading and therefore expensive cutting mistakes with these alternate colour markings that saves both time and money.

This tape will give you more confident Measurement & marking, and faster cutting. The tape is manufactured from strong ABS material that is impact-resistant. The design of the compact housing is such that it can accommodate easily in your hand. The rubber grips of the tape are Non-slip to offer you more control and to prevent droppings. If you go anywhere, you can take it with you in your pocket or pouch or by easily snapping the belt-clip on your tool belt.

To get hands-free marking, you have to activate the tape locks and the thumb-switch. You can also use the single-touch pause-button to pause the position of the tape temporarily.

TEKTON Tape Measure

  • High contrast markings with alternating colours
  • Fast and Accurate measurements
  • Strong impact-resistant Housing
  • Unique mark graduations
  • Thumb-switch and pause button for Lock in Place or Quick Pause
  • Not so good for heavy-use
  • The body is plastic made

How to Choose the Best Tape Measure- Buyer’s Guide

Considering the competition among different brands in the present market we are giving the answers to your questions while buying the best tape measure for woodworkers. The most important features that make the tape measure the best product are mentioned here.

Size of the tape measure

While choosing your tape measure for woodwork, size of course matters! Your work type and working area is a very important fact to consider when you buy the tape measure with perfect size. If you work in a large area like home building, construction zone etc. Then you need a larger tape measure. But for woodwork in your workshop or any smaller space, you may choose a medium or small size tape. This is a personal preference to choose a size. or small size tape. This is a personal preference to choose a size. Or may consider portability if you need to carry it with you. In that case, small pocket-size is better.

Is it giving an accurate measurement?

This is, in fact, the most important matter you should take in mind. The tape measure should give accurate measurements reading. Readings with much error will give you nothing but improper work. The wrong measurement can result in costly wrong wood cuttings. 

Unit of measurement

There are three types of available Unit of measure in tapes. These units are imperial, metric, & a mixture of these two. If you need to deal with different types of measurements with a variety of works then you can prefer both metric and imperial. Most of the available tapes have the standard meter, mm, cm, inches & foot measurements.

The material of the tape measure

The most popular tape measures are manufactured from Steel and fibreglass. Stainless steel tapes are also available, but they are not as popular as the other two options. Surveyors often prefer the fibreglass tapes for flexibility in working in different environments. They may need to work in mud, rain or debris and fibreglass is strong & durable to survive in all these conditions while steel tapes are preferable in home shops or woodworking workshops.

Display & Visibility

Some displays with low visibility are not properly visible in dark or sun. So choose a tape measure with visibility in all situation and clear display.

Battery Life

If the tape measure has rechargeable or replaceable battery system, then battery life is an important factor to consider. Choose a long-lasting model with longer battery life and it's better if it has the option for shut down while not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designs of the Tape hook matters?

The tape hook is important to hook it in any specific place so that you can find it with no afford. Moreover, if you hook it in a safe place, it will not be damaged by dropping or any harmful material. The hook or clips also help you to carry the tape by snapping it onto your tool belt while working.

How to use a laser tape measure in woodwork?

First of all, you have to turn on the tape measure and set up the specific mode you want to use. Now point the measuring field that you wish to measure with the red laser dot of the laser tape.  The laser tape measure will display the distance of that point from you on its screen, depending on which model you have chosen.


In this article, we tried to give an honest review of these top 5 products. We hope that it has cleared all your confusions and will help you make the best choice.

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