Best Wood Lathe For Turning Bowls (Reviews & Top Pick)

Woodworking is an integral practice in technical work processes, and wood-turning is one of the famous and familiar works that is done in woodwork processes. Amongst other wood working tools, the lathe is one of the tools that is employed for carrying out this kind of work. It is a power tool that is used to rotate a piece of wood around a common axis for high precision carvings of different wood pieces into your desired product which could be table legs, pistol and mortar tube racks, candlesticks, bowls and many more.

All lathes could turn your wood for your desired purpose, but all machines cannot handle all sizes of woods. Therefore, to formulate items like a bowl, you need a bigger lathe and precise lathe.

However, it is not all lathes that are used for turning the bowl that is efficient for a professional like you. You need a great wood lathe for turning bowl. Moreover, this post is going to reveal which wood lathe is best for turning bowl. Based on intensive research and review, we’ll guide you through with all the relevant information you need to own a wood lathe for turning your wood pieces into great bowls.

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Goplus Power Wood Turning Lathe

A lathe is a versatile tool that is used to spin wooden material around a consistent axis for many kinds of operations such as carving, drilling, cutting, knurling, and sanding. Lathes that are used to carry out these operations to produce a bowl are called wood lathe for turning bowl. Many lathes could do this; however based on popular reviews and intensive research, Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe is one amongst many.

The highlighted features below are not just to convince you but convince you that you’ve got something great wood lathe for turning bowl.

Special Features

  • Power: 120V/60Hz
  • Distance between Centers: About 40 inches
  • Speed: 1100-3400 rpm (Adjustable as 1100, 1600, 2300, 3,400 rpm)
  • Dimension: 57 x 9 x 14.9 inches
  • Drive Spindle: One Inch-8 RH TPI thread
  •  Material: Steel

With these special features, Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe stands out as the best wood lathe for turning bowl for making out the perfect bowl. It is versatile, stable, and compact for a great home and work area.

  • Solid and steady
  • Adjustable speed
  • Portable
  • Large working space
  • Could be used with many accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Weighty with less work vibration
  • Cheap
  • Do not use a battery

Buying Guideline For Best Wood Lathe For Turning bowl

This post is designed to guide you on making an excellent choice for your desired bowl. When buying a metal lathe for your container turning, you should consider the following:


The weight of a metal lathe is essential because the metal lathe is used for high precision work that could be affected by vibration. Therefore, a metal lathe that would give you maximum efficiency should be one that would allow drill into the wood to the exact depth and width that you desire to see your container possess. Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe weighs about 50 lbs, and this weight is sufficient to give you the bowl of your dream.


Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe designed with an adjustable speed motor that makes it versatile to be used by different woodworkers who may have diverse professional expertise. The horsepower of this steel lathe is about 0.5 which makes it the best wood lathe for turning bowls that you could love to use.


The main reasons why Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe is the best lathe for your woodwork like bowl turning. It adjustable speed coupled with the size of its working area makes it highly versatile for turning containers of different sizes irrespective of the wood hardness and the time required to finish the work.


Is Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe the only metal lathe for turning bowls?

No! Many metal lathes are used for turning bowls. Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe only stands out as the best amongst others.

How many times could the speed of Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe be adjusted?

Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe has an adjustable speed motor that features four different speed levels. However, you can adjust the speed anytime, anywhere and often. The adjustable speed motor allows you to do the various stages of your bowl turning quickly based on the best rate for the stage.

How does How much do Power Wood Turning Lathe cost and where can I purchase one?

There are different offline and online woodwork stores where you could purchase your wood lathe for turning bowl (Go plus Power Wood Turning Lathe). The price for it will vary from store to store considering other factors such as shipping cost. However, we will suggest you purchase it from Amazon including the shipping cost. Click to buy!


Bowl turning is a traditional craft in woodwork practice, and many manufacturers have designed variants of metal lathes for bowl turning. However, the steel lathe that was described above is the best wood lathe you could afford for turning bowl.

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